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A social & professional networking platform, empowering users to request referrals for desired products or services, recommending businesses to their network, and subsequently earning rewards within the platform

Furthermore, the app acts as a lead and referral generator for the recommended small businesses.

The app served as a social media platform, seamlessly integrating payment capabilities through platform-specific currency coins and wallet functionality.

Project Goals
  1. To create an easy-to-use, intuitive mobile application for multiple use cases & user-scenarios.

  2. To strategically design user flows that unlock monetization opportunities within the app, to incentivize user engagement and foster a sustainable revenue model.

  3. To create visually appealing and consistent design across the platforms, at the same time cater to multiple user personas.

Target Audience
  1. Referral seekers
    These users comprise individuals actively seeking products, services, or job opportunities within a specific domain. They exhibit specificity in their requirements, prompting them to share a variety of information with their network in pursuit of optimal referrals

  2. Referrers
    These users are connectors, referring pertinent businesses or sellers to potential buyers or job seekers. Typically, they have a direct connection with the businesses, having either availed their services or established a personal relationship with the owners. Motivated by a desire to assist and earn rewards, they actively help in creating connections within the network.

  3. Businesses/Sellers
    These users primarily consist of small and medium-sized businesses actively seeking referrals and leads to boost their enterprises. Their objective is to cultivate a compelling presence and expand their network on the app, aiming to attract a broader customer base. Eager to incentivize referrals, these businesses are enthusiastic about offering rewards for new opportunities. Typically operating with limited team members managing multiple functions, they leverage the platform to enhance their business visibility and customer outreach.

Problem Statement
  1. How might we improve the user experience of the current product by optimizing complex flows, taking into account multiple users and scenarios?

  2. How might we drive user engagement through monetization and rewards on the app?

  1. Getting the stakeholders onboarded with the idea of creating user flows and IA for key modules.

  2. Limited knowledge about the domain and user behaviour.

  3. Shorter timeline for understanding and re-creating complex flows, making them intuitive with a visually appealing interface.

  4. Relatively new product with frequent new developments, resulting in changes in designs and flows.

  1. Creating complex and distinctive flows for a social/professional platform, integrating seamless rewards and wallet system within the app

  2. Creating a connected and intuitive experience for multiple user groups and scenarios

  3. Understanding the design trends in the social & professional networking domain and revamping the user interfac

Our Approach
  1. Conducted Discovery Sessions with stakeholders to understand their current product flow and their expectations from the re-design.

  2. Created Information Architecture and User Flows for the key complex journeys

  3. Created wireframes.

Information Architecture
CURD __ NetBramha - UX Flows2.png
User Flows
Comlete referral flow (combined) (2).png
Creating referrals
Action by seller
close referral.png
Closing referral post
Home Page & Referrals
Business leads - work centre
  1. Optimized key flows across the app and introduced new features through constant communication with stakeholders

  2. User-friendly navigation with tutorial coach marks for newcomers unfamiliar with unique flows.

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