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Arushi Patni

Hi, I am Arushi Patni, a UX Designer based in India. I create amazing and compelling experiences for users. I became one because of my passion for User Research and Experiences, and love to observe how humans interact with and feel when using a product. I believe that a product with a good user experience is always the winner. I am skilled in the various User Experience and Research methodologies, like User interviews, Surveys, Personas, User journey maps, Wireframing and Prototyping, to name a few. 


Did I mention I love to go on treks? They are so designed for me!




Mobile App

UI & UX Design for an application to buy and read notes for college curriculum.


Mobile App

UX & UI Design for a recipe app.

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The Silicon Store

Mobile Web

UX & UI Design for an ecommerce website that compares and sells laptops.

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